Welcome to NY Pray: Christian Prayers for New York and the USA

Strengthening Our Nation Through Faith and Prayer

Welcome to NY Pray, a beacon of hope and faith where Christians across New York and the United States come together in prayer. Our mission is to unite believers in lifting up our city and nation, seeking God’s guidance, protection, and blessings through the power of Christian prayer.

NY Pray is dedicated to fostering a community where faith is strengthened, and God’s love is shared. We invite you to join us in making declarations of faith, presenting prayer points based on Biblical truths, and participating in prayer events that honor our Christian heritage.

Our Vision

In a world of constant change and challenges, we anchor ourselves in the unchanging word of God. Our vision is to see New York and the entire USA covered in prayer, with Christians of all denominations coming together to declare God’s sovereignty and love over our nation.

What We Do

  • Christian Prayer Gatherings: Participate in city-wide and national prayer events, where we come together to pray for our leaders, communities, and the prosperity of our land.
  • Biblical Declarations: Join us in making powerful declarations over New York and the USA, affirming God’s promises and truths as we stand in faith for our nation’s future.
  • Prayer Points: Dive into focused prayer points that address specific needs within our community and country, inspired by scripture and guided by the Holy Spirit.

Get Involved

We believe every Christian has a role to play in God’s plan for our city and nation. Whether you’re drawn to intercessory prayer, feel called to lead prayer groups, or wish to support our mission through service and giving, we welcome your heart and hands.

Prayer Points to Start With

  1. For Our Leaders: That God grants wisdom, integrity, and guidance to those in authority, from local officials to our President.
  2. For Protection: That God’s hand covers our city and nation, safeguarding us from harm and guiding us through challenges.
  3. For Unity: That the Holy Spirit fosters unity among Christians, breaking down denominational barriers and uniting us in purpose and love.
  4. For Revival: That a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit ignites a revival in hearts across the nation, leading many to salvation and deeper faith.

NY Pray is a call to arms for believers to stand in the gap for New York and our great nation, believing in the transformative power of prayer. Together, let’s commit to being light and salt in the world, proclaiming God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Join us as we pray for New York, for the USA, and for a future marked by God’s favor and grace. Welcome to NY Pray: Where Faith Meets the Heartbeat of the Nation.

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