Prayer Points for the Safety of Donald Trump

Bible Verse: Psalm 91:11 (NIV)

“For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.”

Prayer Points:

Pray for a hedge of protection around Donald Trump, both physically and spiritually.

Ask God to assign His angels to guard and watch over Donald Trump in all his activities.

Pray for discernment and wisdom for those responsible for his security and safety.

Ask God to thwart any evil plans or harm that may be intended against him.

Pray for God’s divine intervention to prevent accidents or health issues.

Ask for a shield of faith to protect Donald Trump from negative influences and attacks.

Pray for his family’s safety and well-being, that they may also be under God’s protection.

Ask God to grant Donald Trump wisdom in his decisions and actions, leading to safe and responsible choices.

Pray for unity among those who support him, that they may work together to ensure his safety.

Ask God to expose any hidden dangers or threats and bring them to light.

Pray for Donald Trump’s mental and emotional well-being, that he may stay clear-headed and focused on safety.

Ask for God’s guidance in choosing trustworthy advisors and allies.

Pray for a spirit of unity and peace in the nation, reducing tensions and potential risks.

Ask God to protect him from slander, false accusations, and character attacks.

Pray for a strong support network of prayer warriors who intercede for his safety regularly.

Ask God to bless and protect his businesses and financial interests.

Pray for the protection of his properties and residences.

Ask for a shield of resilience against criticism and negativity.

Pray for an increased awareness of God’s presence and guidance in his life.

Ask God to give him courage and strength to face any challenges or threats.

Pray for a spirit of humility and dependence on God for safety.

Ask for divine favor and grace in all his endeavors.

Pray for a spirit of reconciliation and unity among political leaders for the sake of safety and stability.

Ask God to surround him with loyal and trustworthy individuals.

Pray for the protection of his health, granting him physical strength and vitality.

Ask for God’s wisdom to navigate complex geopolitical situations.

Pray for the safety of his travels, both domestic and international.

Ask God to guard his heart against bitterness or resentment.

Pray for God’s supernatural intervention in times of crisis.

Ask for a cloak of invisibility over any potential threats or dangers.

Pray for an increased sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s leading in his life.

Ask God to bless his family with safety and good health.

Pray for a spirit of discernment to recognize potential security risks.

Ask for protection from cyber threats and attacks on his reputation.

Pray for the safety and security of his supporters at rallies and events.

Ask God to grant him restful sleep and peaceful nights.

Pray for the safety of his legal team and advisors.

Ask for divine insight into national security matters.

Pray for an atmosphere of peace and cooperation in the nation.

Ask God to reveal any potential traitors or disloyal individuals in his inner circle.

Pray for a hedge of protection around him during times of public speaking and appearances.

Ask for the wisdom to make decisions that prioritize the safety and well-being of the nation.

Pray for divine intervention in any international conflicts or crises that may affect him.

Ask God to expose and neutralize any plots or schemes against him.

Pray for a spirit of unity and cooperation among intelligence agencies for national security.

Ask for the safety of military personnel and law enforcement officers responsible for his protection.

Pray for peace and security in the world, reducing the overall risks to leaders like Donald Trump.

Ask for a supernatural shield of protection against spiritual attacks.

Pray for a heart that seeks God’s guidance and acknowledges His role in safety.

Ask God to surround Donald Trump with His love and peace, knowing that God’s love casts out all fear.

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